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My Annual Report

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My Annual Report

What I bought in 2009
Portrait Rolf Bürkl

Rolf Bürkl, Senior Research Consultant Business & Technology, GfK Marktforschung

I regularly go jogging and last year bought myself a Garmin training computer with GPS function. The main purpose of this device, which is more of a toy really, is to increase motivation while you are running.
Portrait Mariana Theiling

Mariana Theiling, Lighting Designer, ECE

I became a mum in 2009, so most of the things I bought were everyday items I needed for the baby: a Maxi Cosi pushchair with foldable chassis, for example, which even fits into the boot of my two-seater ... it’s been a really great buy! My husband and I bought each other a watch as a symbol of this new period in our lives.
Portrait Patrick Kiss

Patrick Kiss, Head of Investor & Public Relations, Deutsche EuroShop

I invested in education. 1 September 2009 was our son Leo’s first day at school. Over 30 years ago I was the proud owner of a Scout school bag, so my fatherly advice to him was that he should get a Scout too. In the shopping center there was a shop where you could check out the bag using virtual mirrors (3 camera perspectives displayed on large plasma monitors) to see how it looked on your back. In the end Leo went for the latest model “Easy II Race”.
Portrait Wolfgang Twardawa

Wolfgang Twardawa, Division Manager Strategic Marketing, GfK Panel Services

Last year on our holiday in Italy my wife saw a wonderful necklace in a jewellery shop. After having visited the jeweller’s three times, I convinced her to let me buy it for her. This was a gift that gave me great pleasure too, as I had a beautiful and happy woman on my arm.
Portrait Claus-Matthias Böge

Claus-Matthias Böge, CEO, Deutsche EuroShop

The crowning glory of Christmas was a new Nespresso machine with milk foamer. It has a fantastic design, but the best thing about it is the latte macchiato. The old coffee machine is now gathering dust in the cellar.
Portrait Verena Tenz

Verena Tenz, Senior Account & Marketing Manager, ECE flatmedia

I expanded my collection of wellington boots with two particularly fine pairs by Hunter and Aigle – bought from the center, of course. These are my favourite things and are essential items given the lousy weather you get in Hamburg. If there’s a downpour I make it to work unscathed (I just have to carry a bag with the extra shoes I need for work), I’m perfectly attired in any situation and during weekend walks along the coast have a clear advantage in the battle against the tides.
Portrait Olaf G. Borkers

Olaf G. Borkers,Member of the Executive Board, Deutsche EuroShop

Our “open-fire” DVD was no longer enough, so we bought a new bio(!)ethanol fire. This creates a cosy atmosphere and gives out an incredible amount of heat. There’s no need to buy or chop up and store wood. And there’s no dirt or any need to get the chimney swept. It’s been a great buy for me and my family.
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Portrait Steffen Eric Friedlein

Steffen Eric Friedlein, Regional Director Leasing East, ECE

My new mountain bike. As I travel a lot for work using various modes of transport and can’t take it with me, unfortunately I only get to take it out at weekends in the rural area around my home. Because of the long winter we’ve had, at the moment it’s still waiting longingly in the garage for its first run-out of the year.
Portrait Mathias Sander

Mathias Sander, Director Center Marketing, ECE

I bought myself a pair of trainers – again. This time made by “Floris van Bommel”. They look fantastic and pretty much go with anything you put on. In spite of that I still haven’t worn them yet. They were probably too nice. But I’m sure they’ll still be fashionable in 2010.
Portrait Nicolas Lissner

Nicolas Lissner, Manager Investor & Public Relations, Deutsche EuroShop

In November I bought myself some new winter boots while on holiday in New York. Just in time too, as from that point on – with the winter we’ve just had – I needed them almost every day as I battled my way through the snow and ice in the mornings on my way to the office.
Portrait Kirsten Kaiser

Kirsten Kaiser, Head of Accounting, Deutsche EuroShop

Slowly my little Apple family is starting to grow: my iPods have now been joined by a silver MacBook Pro, which is not only great for surfing, but also allows me to watch the latest blockbusters on my TV.
Portrait Dr. Benedikt Gillessen

Dr Benedikt Gillessen, Local Partner, White & Case

A new espresso machine from an Italian manufacturer near Naples. It combines just a small amount of modern electronics with lots of metal and a brewing technique that has proven itself for almost 50 years. The result is as near to perfection as you can get – beating anything produced by plastic machines. Life’s too short for a bad espresso.
Portrait Birgit Schäfer

Birgit Schäfer, Secretary to the Executive Board, Deutsche EuroShop

My purchase of the year was a fabulous new sofa, which I also managed to get at an incredibly good price. So I was doubly pleased and still had some money left for a few extravagant decorative items.
Portrait Alexander Wohlrab

Alexander Wohlrab, Illustrator, Mucca Matta

My girlfriend and I snapped up a few items in New York: after a two-day odyssey (which felt every bit that long), and with sore feet and our MetroCards smoking, she finally found the Blowfish boots she was looking for in the right size and colour.Thanks to the favourable dollar/euro exchange rate, however, we managed to find some even bigger bargains: a new wide-angle lens for her and a couple of Apple gadgets for him.

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