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What do we really know about why we buy what we buy? Why do we choose certain products and ignore others? Marketing expert and bestselling author Martin Lindstrom explains how the human brain responds to advertising and marketing.

Why are some brands successful while others flop? How do people make purchase decisions? Why do they buy what they buy? Market research has been trying to find this out for decades. But conventional methods, such as surveys or group discussions cannot establish what consumers really think because purchase decisions are not a purely rational matter. So far nobody has deduced what exactly is going on in our brains when we make purchase decisions – marketing guru Martin Lindstrom now aims to change that.

In his bestseller Buyology, which has been translated into 25 languages, Danish-born Lindstrom presents the fascinating results of his revolutionary neuromarketing study, in which he examines the direct effect of advertising and marketing messages on the human brain for the very first time using the latest findings in brain research. Lindstrom shows how the subconscious reacts to stimuli and steers our behaviour, often in a completely different way to how we think. Our purchase decisions are made on a level that lies below our consciousness. For example, paradoxically anti-smoking campaigns have smokers reaching for their cigarettes more because they stimulate the “craving centres” in the brain. And the brain of an Apple fan, on seeing an iPod, reacts in a similar fashion to that of a deeply religious person when looking at a picture of Jesus. Lindstrom exposes what even the most sophisticated companies, advertisers and marketers do not yet know about our purchasing behaviour, clears up common prejudices and myths, and supplies us with exciting insights into what impacts on our decisions, our purchasing behaviour and, ultimately, ourselves.

Cover Shoppingcenter Handbuch

Shoppingcenter Handbuch

The Große Handbuch Shoppingcenter (Great Shopping Center Handbook) was first published in 1998. Since then, the importance of shopping centers has soared, both nationally and internationally. So, the Institut für Gewerbezentren (Institute for commercial centers), together with the German Council of Shopping Centers (GCSC) has re-issued this standard reference work.

126 recognised shopping center experts from eleven different nations provide a comprehensive account of their experiences and the latest insights regarding the broad spectrum of shopping centers in 106 articles.

Spanning more than 1,100 pages, the handbook addresses topics such as shopping centers and urban development, sustainability, architecture, design and art, project development, marketing, management, funding and investment, etc. Current national and international developments and center trends, as well as the newest shopping centers, are also pictured in a four-colour photographs section.

This handbook is essential background reading for anyone involved with the topic of shopping centers. It serves as a helpful reference work for experienced professionals in their day-to-day business and as a comprehensive fundamental guide for junior staff and students.

Martin Lindstrom: Buyology – Truth and Lies About Why We Buy,
2008, hardback, 256 pages,
ISBN 978-0385523882,
approx. €19.99

Shoppingcenter-Handbuch – Development, Management, Marketing, published by the Institut für Gewerbezentren, Prof. Dr. Falk,
2009, German, hardback, over 1,100 pages,
ISBN 978-3-00-027250-9,
approx. €125.00

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