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My Annual Report

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In 2009, the Executive Board and Investor Relations team of Deutsche EuroShop once more held a large number of road shows and attended capital market conferences. We were extremely keen to maintain continuous contact with our existing investors in this difficult stock market environment. We are also constantly looking to win new potential investors for our share and to impress them with our business model.

Road shows and conferences are usually organised by banks that actively cover our share through their own analysts and recommend to their clients that they invest. During these events they offer their institutional clients direct access to the management of Deutsche EuroShop. These investors are already shareholders in the Company or they have expressed an interest and they prepare detailed questions for these meetings.

At road shows in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich, Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Edinburgh, Geneva, Helsinki, Copenhagen, London, Milan, Paris, Stockholm and Zurich, we had numerous individual and group appointments with fund and portfolio managers and analysts.

We also attended conferences in Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam, London and New York. Here too the focus was on direct discussions with investors. Often a presentation in front of a fairly large group of 20 – 100 participants offers the opportunity to introduce Deutsche EuroShop and to explain the Company’s business model and strategy. Sometimes, podium discussions are part of the conference programme. For example, at the Global Real Estate Conference run by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, which took place in New York from 30 September to 1 October 2009, Claus-Matthias Böge took part in a debate with four other executive boards of international REITs and real estate companies on the topic “Examining the Relative Safe Havens”.

Altogether, we held 23 road shows last year and attended 13 capital market conferences, which enabled us to conduct private conversations with approximately 350 investors. We also welcomed numerous investors to our offices in Hamburg again and presented our shopping centers locally at various events within the framework of Property Tours.

For 2010 we have once more scheduled a whole host of activities spread throughout the year and are aiming to use these to continue to strengthen and cultivate our contact with existing and potential investors. An overview of these plans can be found on our financial calendar, with an up-to-date version available at

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