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IR-events 2009

Exchange Convention


On 7 November 2009, the Hamburg Stock Exchange, in collaboration with the Hanseatischer Börsenkreis from the University of Hamburg, organised the fourteenth Exchange Convention, the largest one-day finance trade show in Germany.

Roughly 100 exhibitors from the world of finance as well as companies listed on the stock exchange, particularly from northern Germany, provided for a broad spectrum of information. The offering was supplemented with a large number of lectures and presentations by experts and well-versed traders, with particular emphasis on sustainable financial investments and on financial topics tailored to women.

With some 5,700 visitors, the turnout for the event was higher than ever before. This was Deutsche EuroShop’s fifth appearance at the Exchange Convention. Quite a number of private shareholders as well as interested investors visited the Company’s stand on the floor of the main trading hall to pick up business reports and to direct questions to the employees present or simply to use the opportunity for a little chat.

Deutsche EuroShop will be back for the next Exchange Convention in 2010, which will be held on 6 November. Entry will be free for visitors, as in previous years.

Real Estate Share Initiative

The Real Estate Share Initiative was founded in 2001 by five real estate companies, including Deutsche EuroShop, with the objective of generating awareness of German real estate shares among the general public.

What was initially an informal arrangement has now become a true organisation: these days, no fewer than 15 companies are members of the Real Estate Share Initiative, the main purpose of which is to organise an annual specialist conference with a variety of lectures, company presentations and the opportunity for organised individual discussions.

The 9th conference of the Real Estate Share Initiative, which took place in the Hilton Hotel Frankfurt on 20 October 2009, was attended by over 200 invited investors, analysts, journalists and real estate experts. The Executive Board and the Investor Relations Team of Deutsche EuroShop conducted numerous background discussions and cultivated contacts.

And on the day before the event, a number of participants took advantage of an organised Property Tour, during which various member companies showed off their properties in the Rhine-Main region. Deutsche EuroShop presented the Main-Taunus-Zentrum, with a talk by the Center Manager and a tour.

The next conference of the Real Estate Share Initiative will be held in Frankfurt on 19 October 2010.

Annual General Meeting

For the second time in succession, shareholders in Deutsche EuroShop met for the Annual General Meeting in the “Old Circus Hall” at Hagenbeck Zoo on 30 June 2009.

Just under 300 shareholders turned out to listen to a detailed speech by Claus-Matthias Böge, Executive Board Spokesman, about the situation in the capital and real estate markets as well as about the financial year just passed and the activities of the Company.

The agenda included the regular (re-)election of three Supervisory Board members. All points were approved with an attendance rate of 56.5% at the time of the vote.

Both prior to the event and afterwards there was an opportunity for shareholders to interact directly with the Executive Board as well as with employees. After the meeting, many of the shareholders enjoyed a summer excursion to the neighbouring zoo.

For the Annual General Meeting on 17 June 2010, the Deutsche EuroShop shareholders have been invited to the Hamburg Chamber of Skilled Crafts and Small Businesses, where the meeting was held before in 2006.

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