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Last year, the digital flat screen network of ECE flatmedia GmbH, which is represented in almost every center run by Deutsche EuroShop, was extended to 41 centers with 884 screens. This included the installation of 16 screens in the Rathaus-Center Dessau in 2009.

The purpose of the network is to offer advertisers an attractive setting right by the POS (point of sale) in which to present their brands and products as well as to make the visit to the shopping center even more diverse by providing an exciting programme mix comprising information relating to the centers, global headlines and regional news, such as weather forecasts and football league tables.

ECE flatmedia offers attractive communication possibilities to suit the different demands of customers. Besides airing traditional commercials, companies have very recently gained the opportunity to advertise their brands through sponsorships of the various types of programme, such as business, lifestyle, fashion, technology and sport, etc.

Since the end of 2009, Deutsche EuroShop has acquired exclusive sponsorship of the stock market news. A tailored format has been developed, enabling Deutsche EuroShop to present itself effectively in its centers and to offer informative added value to center visitors in a shop environment through information on current stock market trends.

The screens come with flexible booking options for rental partners. At local level, special offers can be advertised in the center on the basis of targeted commercials. At national level, the screens act as an additional POS medium as part of large campaigns. Broadcasting material is inexpensive to create, since existing advertising material from print or TV can be adapted for the digital medium without incurring any major costs.

Last year, ECE flatmedia managed to acquire a number of rental partners, such as RENO, Jack Wolfskin and REWE and to gradually raise their profile in the market. Thanks to a joint venture entered into at the end of 2009 with outdoor advertiser Wall AG, rental partners will in future have the opportunity not just to accompany their customers as far as the doors to the center but also to communicate with them inside the center thanks to the combination of City Light Posters and flat screens.

By the end of 2010, the national screen network of ECE flatmedia will be extended to approximately 50 shopping centers, with plans already being drawn up for installation in the A10 Center Wildau.

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